Alexis TOUMI

personal website


Invited lectures

  • Categories for Linguistics [notes]
    with Giovanni de Felice
    TallCat, Estonia (2021)

  • Categories for Quantum [notes]
    with Giovanni de Felice
    TallCat, Estonia (2021)

Software demonstrations

  • DisCoPy: Distributional Compositional Python [video] [notebook]
    QNLP (2022)

  • Language Processing on Quantum Hardware [video]
    PyData Berlin (2020)

  • QNLP implementations [video]
    QNLP (2020)

  • Towards NLP on Quantum Hardware [video]
    with Konstantinos Meichanetzidis
    QNLP (2019)

Conference presentations

  • Diagrammatic Differentiation for Quantum Machine Learning [video]
    QPL (2021)

  • DisCoPy: monoidal categories in Python [video]
    ACT (2020)

  • Functorial question answering
    ACT (2019)

  • Discourse complexity in categorical compositional relational semantics
    IWCS (2019)

  • Towards compositional distributional discourse analysis [video]
    CAPNS (2018)

  • A tool for the automated verification of Nash equilibria in concurrent games
    ICTAC (2015)


  • Learning functors for quantum structured prediction [slides]
    LORIA, Nancy (2023)

  • The Frobenius anatomy of quantum protocols [slides]
    LMF, Saclay (2023)

  • Category theory for quantum natural language processing [slides]
    LIS, Marseille
    JIQ, Paris
    QuaCS, Gif-sur-Yvette
    Quandela, Massy
    Quantinuum, Cambridge
    UCL, London

  • Pebble games for linguistic anaphora [slides]
    Samson Abramsky’s Comonad Meetup, remote (2020)

  • Sheaf-theoretic decision problems, review of a preprint by D. Mazza [pdf]
    Samson Abramsky’s Sheaf Lunch, Oxford (2019)

  • Functorial translation from natural language to database queries
    Samson Abramsky’s Sheaf Lunch, Oxford (2018)

  • From Sentence to Discourse in DisCoCat
    Quantum Lunch, Oxford (2018)

Summer schools

  • Meeting the Dialogue Challenge [post]
    with Dan Shiebler
    Adjoint School, ACT (2019)

  • Quantum structures in cognition and natural language
    L’agape, workshop on the Foundations of Physics (2017)